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Eminent Essence Inc. is here to teach you how to become your own boss. Tired of working for someone else? Want to add services to your already existing Beauty Business?

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The Essence of Body Contouring Training Program

Learn the Latest In Beauty Technology


In this 16 hour training program, you will learn theory, best practices,  who makes the best candidates for each service as well as those that are not recommended. You'll learn how to perform the service and how to build a client package.

Don't break your bank!!!


The most exciting thing about this program is the affordability, and inhouse financing! no student loans

Flexible Schedule


There are 3 typical schedules to choose from. However making a plan with one of our coaches, is as simple as setting down in an admission consultation, and talking about your specific needs. This is the easiest 16 Hours you'll ever do! And possibly the most fun, as we suggest trying all services possible while you're here. 

  1. Monday - Thursday 10am-12pm
  2. Monday - Thursday 4pm-6pm
  3. 2 Saturdays a Month 9am-6:30pm