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Did you know that in 2014, millions of Americans spent $64 billion on weight loss programs, products and regimes? This statistic suggests tremendous potential growth for the Body Balancing Industry. In our Essence of Body Sculpting Training Course, you’ll learn the most advanced techniques of natural body balancing, like nonsurgical body contouring technologies. Today’s client wants to feel and look their best and this course will give you the training you need to help them achieve their health and beauty goals.

Nonsurgical Body Contouring Class Objectives

  • Learn factors that lead to excess fat and cellulite development in the body.
  • Fully understand the current non-surgical body contouring technologies on the market, including radio frequency energy and cooling devices.
  • Learn how these modalities can be used with other treatments for optimal results.
  • Understand pre-, during and post-treatment protocol.
  • Hands-on nonsurgical body contouring treatments.

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